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Final Decision-Making Regarding Education

Luckily for some of us school will be back in session in almost one month. The kids go back to school in almost one month! For some of us that may not necessarily be a great thing. Why do I say that? Well for some of you you might be struggling with, what school will your child attend? What extracurricular activities will they go to after school; will they be going to tutoring, who will that person be? And a lot of the issues that revolve around that is the final decision making authority that is granted to you or your co parent by the courts. I'm Dene Matthews of The Dunn Matthews firm and we helped people recreate their definition of family and we want to make sure that if you do not currently have a parenting plan that lays out who will be the final decision maker that you contact our office today. It is very important for co parents to communicate with one another about things such as education and extracurricular activities. Because if we don't, we're not on the same level playing field, our Children don't understand that we are teammates in this and sometimes one person will feel left out. They don't know what's happening. They don't know the teacher's names. They don't know when the open house is and if that's you, I urge you, if you don't currently have a parenting plan to seek one out. That could be because you are a father who had a child born out of wedlock. That could be that you're currently separated from your spouse but not yet divorced. Make sure that you get the things in place that you need to in order to make sure that you have a legal right, um, in a legal documentation that requires the other person to act in a certain way. Again, I'm Dene Matthews of The Dunn Matthews Law Firm and we can help you file that legitimation or that divorce so that come the school year, you can have the same decision making as your co parent. Give us a call at 770-686-3092.

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