We assist families in beginning or closing out a chapter in their lives in a way that is pleasing to God. 


Divorce is sometimes a step someone must take rather than want to take. Our clients know that decision is an okay one to make.  We assist with:

  • A smooth transition

  • Asset and Property Division

  • Debt Division

  • Helping you come up with a parenting plan that keeps your children at the forefront




For a personalized consultation




Fathers, according to numerous biblical scriptures, have a divine purpose in a child's life. We make our mark on the world by making sure that happens.  It consists of:

  • Child Custody Issues

  • Child Support Issues

  • Paternity Issues


Modifications, Adoptions, and all things Family


  • Sometimes your current custody or child support arrangement needs to be modified for the proper upbringing of your child


  • When families are broken, and a stepparent, grandparent, or other relative wants to make it whole, by adopting the child, everyone benefits


  • Family law encompasses so many things, contact us to see if we can assist you in changing your family dynamic, the healthy way



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