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Experienced, Competent Family Law Attorney

Founded in 2014, The Dunn Matthews Law Firm has been providing Metro Atlanta with unparalleled legal services. Whether you need legal consultation, unbundled representation, or full representation, Attorney Matthews will walk you through every step, taking care of any issues you may have along the way.

With The Dunn Matthews Law Firm, rest assured you can feel comfortable, safe, and confident knowing that your case is in the best hands. Get in touch with us today for your divorce, custody, legitimation, contempt, child support, grandparent's rights, and all other family law matters— we look forward to hearing from you.

We present our clients using the following principles:

  1. Collaborative representation - we help our clients focus on the bigger picture in realizing that when they work together with their spouse or ex, that they can achieve more for the betterment of themselves and their children if they have any, Allowing the Judge to decide every part of your life moving forward isn't always what's best. Having control over the process enables a client to walk away with a sense of accomplishment. 

  2.  Faith-Based approach - our clients know and understand that we don't take any actions without first having the faith and belief that is what's best for the client and their children if there are any, We do everything we can to impress upon our clients that they have to do the same thing. Worrying about the spouse or ex and whether they will retaliate negatively is not something that we impress upon our client but instead acting in a pure manner so that the other side can see the transparency and goodness in our clients is our goal. It often leads to settlement negotiations. 

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