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Resources for Your Divorce, Custody, or Legitimation Matter

Child Support Worksheet

In Georgia, Child Support is a requirement in Divorce and Legitimation actions. It calculated using the Worksheet that can be found at the link below. The income of both parents, additional children, and child support orders are taken into account when the calculations are made, as well as various other factors. To see where you may stand click the link above to enter income information. Give The Dunn Matthews Law Firm a call so that we can give you a personalized consultation and start your child support petition, enforcement, or modification.

Court Costs and Fees

In an effort to aid you in knowing what to expect for court costs visit the following links.

Although some counties are not listed, The Dunn Matthews Law Firm handles cases in all of Metro Atlanta.

Legal Financing

We understand that Legal Services can be expensive. The Dunn Matthews Law Firm is a flat fee firm. We provide our clients with the ability to make payments towards their services by offering in-house payment plans as well as financing through a third-party company. Schedule a call today to learn more.

Legal Resources: Legal Resources
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