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Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Legitimation, and every area in between, can all be handled by our virtual law firm in a safe remote setting. The Dunn Matthews Law Firm has been a remote firm since our conception! Navigating the legal world and creating relationships with our clients was and is a smooth process for us.

We are a fully virtual firm and do not offer in person meetings. You can book a consultation using the link below, by calling us, or texting us at 770-686-3092. Texting creates no cost to the user. Consent is obtained by your initial text to The Dunn Matthews Law Firm.

Notice: By texting The Dunn Matthews Law Firm you are consenting to communication via text. Should you wish to no longer consent to text communication simply respond STOP. All text communications are private and confidential. The Dunn Matthews Law Firm will not share any of your communications with anyone outside of our office nor will we share, rent, or sell your contact information with any third parties. The frequency of the text messages may differ from person to person depending on the questions the consumer asks. We will never text a consumer without them texting us or obtaining their express consent.  We may update our privacy policy from time to time and if we do we will notify you and your continued use thereafter implies consent to communicate.

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