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Your Family Law Questions Answered

We believe in educating our clients through the process. Whether it is by way of our weekly video blogs or our podcast, Conversations with Dene: Your Family Law and Wellness Needs, your most pressing divorce, custody, child support, legitimation, contempt, and other family law questions are answered. Check them out below and follow us on all of our social media outlets to stay connected as we release new videos.

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You Pay Child Support, Now What?

Are you a dad who is on child support? Are you a dad who despite making sure your children are financially stable you're constantly being...

Is Your Debt Marital Debt?

Determining whether the debt accumulated during your marriage is marital debt takes a bit of work at times. Sometimes it can be unclear...

Getting Rid of Marital Property Part II

Did you catch Part I? If not, be sure to check it. Here's Part II. Preserving marital property during a divorce is an importance piece of...

Children, Bonding Time, and Mental Health

Do you ever think about how you could maintain the bond you have with your children after your divorce or when sharing parenting time...

Communication...The Silent Type

A good handle on your communication skills is the biggest asset you could have. Communication can go a long way in any relationship....

Effective Communication: Your Best Asset

Communication is often the barrier between a successful coparenting relationship and a struggling coparenting relationship. Constantly...

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