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Alienation - What Do You Do

Are you constantly feeling like? Your children are against you. Are you constantly feeling like the reason for that? Is your co-parent? I'm the name Matthews of the Dunn. Matthews law firm and we help people recreate their definition of family. And a lot of times people come to us because of this word alienation And they have thoughts that their co-parent has, alienated the children from them. And sometimes. They have it, sometimes it's a breakdown of communication. Sometimes, it's a teenager who's going through teenage things, that we obviously, as parents cannot control, and there's no rule book for But sometimes it is clear as day that your co-parent is alienating you from your children. They're talking negatively about you in front of, or to your children. They're telling your children, things that you are or are not doing that. You're supposedly supposed to be doing for their well-being. They are canceling, your time with your children, they are putting restraints on your time and your phone calls with your children. They're listening in their budding into conversation. Alienation can take on many different forms. If any of this sounds like, what you're going through, you want to make sure that you are watching out for our next couple of videos in this alienation series. We're going to talk about a few of the ways in which you can Take back the reins on your relationship with your children and make sure that you are doing everything possible to continue to build upon nourish. Um, and, and Strengthen the relationship with your children, despite the things that your co-parent may be doing. To alienate you to prohibit you to put blockers up. So be sure to check us out. Follow us on social media, check out our website and other videos and stay tuned for the alienation series.

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