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  • Dene Matthews

Conversations with Dene: Your Family Law and Wellness Needs

On this episode of Conversations with Dene: Your Family Law and Wellness Needs we we explore *Ways to be a more effective coparent. *Tips on handling work, home, kids, and coparenting to avoid burnout. *How people who are on the verge of asking for a divorce can rekindle their relationship from the comfort of their home one box at a time. *Why Tramika feels it is important for women in particular to prioritize and plan their week to result in a feeling of accomplishment. Men these tips are helpful for you also.

2:29 Introduction of Tramika Craddock

3:12 Tramika Tells Her Story

6:06 The Balancing Act

9:09 Working with a Coparent Who Doesn't Have the Same Personality As You

13:02 More Communication Tips

17:07 Summer Parenting

23:02 Revitalizing Your Marriage

26:12 The Box Love

28:13 Coparenting and Love Languages

29:02 Resources


How to Find Tramika


Connect with Tramika Craddock

Instagram: @TramikaCraddock

Facebook: @Tramika Craddock

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