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How Do I CoParent Better?

Recently I did a webinar about coparenting and the trials and tribulations that come along with co parenting. I'm Dene Matthews of The Dunn Matthews Law Firm and we help people recreate their definition of family and a part of having a family that's now split up by way of divorce or relationship that has gone awry Is that you now have to figure out how do I co parent with this other person, because we might have different ideals, we have different opinions about what our Children should be doing and how they should be behaving, and what the repercussions are for our Children's actions. What school should they attend. There's so many different things day to day that we have to decide on how to deal with them and co parenting just like anything else in your life is an everyday learning task. Every day you have to work to get better at it, every day you're going to have the occasional struggle with it, every day you're going to you know or not every day I hope but you're going to bump heads right and you have to figure out how do we move past this, how do we get better at it, how do I maybe deal with someone who's not interested in getting better at it. And that's exactly what we discussed in our co parenting webinar. We're going to be putting it on again on June 22 and I invite you to participate I invite you to register for the webinar. Details about it will be coming up very soon and make sure that you get the opportunity to participate share it with your co parent that they can participate because the ultimate goal for your Children it's for the two of you to get along be able to co parent well so that they turn into productive citizens. Again I'm Dene Matthews of The Dunn Matthews Law Firm Follow us on social media share this video with your friends and look out for information on how to register for the June 22 Webinar.

If you've ever wondered how do i coparent with my ex, how do i coparent with a narcissist, how do i coparent with my child's mother or how do i coparent with my child's father, then this video and webinar is specifically for you. Sometimes we have all of the thoughts running through our mind but we aren't sure if we're doing it right or it just seems confusing. We're here to give you additional tools. When going through a divorce or trying to move on to life after divorce, you already have so much going on and so many emotions that you're trying to deal with, adding coparenting into the mix can seem like a task. The more you practice it and the more you have the tools to help you, the better you will get. As a family law attorney, Attorney Matthews is dedicated to making sure that her clients walk away from their case with continued methods of ways to improve their coparenting.

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