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Keeping Kids Active - Conversations with Dene

What do your children spend their time outside of school doing? Do they attend extracurricular activities, do they play outside, do they work, are they enrolled in summer camp? Whether your children are involved in activities or not, you need to tune in to the next episode of Conversations with Dené: Your Family Law and Wellness Needs. We are excited to welcome London Reeves, Senior Director, Youth Development Program Innovation & Activation at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Join us as we discuss:

→ Why it is important for children to be involved in activities → What options are available for children when resources are limited

→ The importance of mentorship

→ The impact activities and working can have on college applications

→ And more!!

London hails from Fort Pierce, FL, a smaller town nestled between Orlando and Miami. He has spent his professional career thus far in youth development. In 2016, he brought his talents to the “Big City of the South” and relocated to Atlanta, GA for a position with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America—an organization that he holds near and dear to his heart, as he is a PROUD Club kid. He firmly believes that everything in life may not go as we plan, but it always goes as it should. So, when in doubt or even if you’re scared, take the leap, and trust that the net will appear.

Connect with London on LinkedIn:

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