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Life Insurance, a Life Necessity

We are excited to welcome Chasity Wells to the next episode of Conversations with Dené: Your Family Law and Wellness Needs. We will be discussing

➡️ The multitude of life insurance options

➡️ How life insurance can change your life and the life of your children

➡️ The unknown benefits

➡️ Child Support and Life Insurance

➡️ So much more!





Chasity Wells is an insurance agent and author. Her insurance business, Protecting Families, LLC has been open since 2011. During that time, she has helped numerous families begin their journey to self and family protection. Chasity is committed to 'Protecting Lives and Legacies'. Along the way, as a business owner herself, Chasity developed a passion to teach women in professional services how to effectively use social media to market their businesses. Chasity has a wealth of knowledge that we are thrilled to share with you!

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