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Mediating Your Way to Success - Conversations With Dene: Your Family Law and Wellness Needs

Our guest this month is Janis Jones. Janis is a Metro Atlanta Mediator, Arbitrator, and Attorney. She has conducted hundreds of mediations in her career, some of which have been mine. She has served as a Judge and as lead counsel in numerous cases over her 21 year span. What I love about Janis as a Mediator is that she is very relaxed and she gets to the point, but doesn't push the parties to reach a resolution that isn't going to serve them best in the long run.

Join us this month as we explore * Why someone in the midst of litigation should choose the mediation route * Ways that mediation can help bolster your confidence *How mediation can help you be a more effective coparent. *How mediation can help your divorce end smoothly *Things to Consider before Deciding to Mediate *Being Prepared for Mediation

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