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No One Is As Deaf As The Man Who Will Not Listen

What Everyone Wants From Their Family Law Attorney

Everyone wants and needs someone to listen to their fears, their joys, their anxieties, their passions, and everything in between. Most people just want to be heard. We get that! One thing we know for sure is that if we do not listen to our clients, we will miss the mark. We will miss what really matters to them. We will miss what they want their life to look like once their case is over. We will miss who they are as human beings.

What We Provide Our Family Law Clients

There’s so much to do in a domestic case, a lot of preparation, and dealing with others. At The Dunn Matthews Law Firm we believe that to effectively do that, we have to listen to our clients from the moment they call our office until the moment their case is finished. By listening we are able to craft better settlement terms, present their case more effectively to a Judge, and connect with them on a deeper level. No one case or client is the same. Are you wondering what your life will look like after divorce, after a custody modification, a legitimation, or child support modification? Are you afraid of what may happen when your marriage is over? We get that! We will listen to your concerns and address them with well thought out plans. Not false promises or hefty bills, but with streamlined, strategized plans that fit both your life now and in the future. One thing our clients love about us is that we don’t sugarcoat what you can get out of your case. We are realistic with our clients and don’t lead them down a path of unrealistic expectations.

Integrity Goes A Long Way

The level of integrity that we approach our cases with, and our communications with Judges and opposing counsels allows for those well-thought-out plans to be heard by the hearer. A bulldog attorney, a forceful attorney, or a rude attorney, won’t always get you far. Here we believe that what gets you farther is preparation, honesty, being straightforward, and respected in the legal community.

How Do You Know What’s Right?

You may be wondering; how do I choose an attorney that’s right for me. Everything you just read above, tells you that answer. Look for someone who is going to listen to you, someone who is going to strategically plan your case, someone who is going to consider the impact your case will have on your life as a whole, someone who is going to act with the highest level of integrity. Any domestic legal matter is going to be tough, and at times mentally draining, but with the right team next to you, working with you, it can be manageable. That is one reason why we are a flat fee law firm. It allows us to manage our clients matter efficiently so that they are not waiting years to resolve their matter, with thousands of dollars tanked.

Protect Yourself

As a divorce attorney, family attorney, and custody attorney, my sole job is to listen to your concerns and desires and turn them into actionable, legally strategic plans that satisfy your end goal. How to protect my children during my custody case, by having an attorney who listens! How to protect my assets during my divorce, by having an attorney who listens. How to keep my house during my divorce, by having an attorney who listens. How to protect myself from my narcissistic spouse, by having an attorney who listens. I could go on and on with various questions and scenarios that really end with the same result. An attorney who listens will take you much farther than the bulldog attorney that knows what to say so they disregard your thoughts and concerns.

Download our Guide to Successfully Litigating Your Family Law Matter. That guide will show you the other actionable steps that you can be taking to make sure that your divorce, custody, child support, or legitimation case is successful. You have to prepare yourself first. Don’t overthink, but prepare, then reach out to a family law attorney that believes in preparation, that is going to take what you have and what you say, and make it work for your life after the dust has settled.

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