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Our Children's Mental Health - Conversations with Dene: Your Family Law and Wellness Needs

We are excited to welcome Lafaya Mitchell to the next episode of Conversations with Dené: Your Family Law and Wellness Needs. We will be discussing

➡️ The mental health of our children as they navigate being back in the classroom

➡️ How parents can help their children process the changes that are happening to them in the midst of the pandemic and any life change

➡️ How coparents can continue to work together for the betterment of their children's mental health

➡️ So much more!





Lafaya Mitchell, LMFT has over 20 years of experience offering effective strategies to and healing relationships within families overwhelmed with socially, emotionally, and or behaviorally challenged children. Providing over 2 decades of experience to the mental health field, she is a therapist, trainer, consultant, and social programs specialist. Lafaya has consistently aided individuals, families, and organizations in their attempts to develop and maintain positive relationships and achieve functionally impactful results with the children they serve through use of “The Lafaya Way®” which is the foundational philosophy behind her informative book series “The Lafaya Way ©.”

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