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The Power of Financial Health - Conversations with Dene: Your Family Law and Wellness Needs

We are excited to welcome Jen Jonassaint to the next episode of Conversations with Dené: Your Family Law and Wellness Needs. We will be discussing:

➡The power that financial health can have over your life

➡What you can do to prepare for life as a divorcee

➡What you can and should be doing as a single parent to ensure that you are creating a legacy for your children

➡Financial Literacy and our children

➡Bouncing back from financial setbacks

➡Being intentional about your financial desires

➡So much more!





Jen Jonassaint, is a a Certified Financial & Life Transformation Coach. She has helped hundreds gain control over their finances so that they can enjoy, give, and leave a legacy for their loved ones. Jen grew up in a home where they were monetarily poor. They had no other choice, so they lived on very menial means which meant bare bones and no extracurricular activities. Just SURVIVAL. As a result, she found herself shopping to fill that void as an adult, and experienced an exhilarated sense of love and nurture when she purchased something, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SHE NEEDED OR COULD AFFORD IT. For years she took many financial classes, got certified as a money professional and attended a myriad of money workshops. She still experienced a repetitive pendulum. She learned more practical and theoretical knowledge in a variety of disciplines like Neuroeconomics, Nueromarketing, Behavioral Economics, Financial Psychology, Financial Therapy and Narrative Coaching. All of which added more depth to her understanding of how mindsets work to subconsciously influence our actions and feelings. As a healed transformer, she can effectively guide people to truly have the lasting life and money transformation they want to live.

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