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The Undeletable Dad - Conversations With Dene: Your Family Law and Wellness Needs

Our guest this month is Tracy Poizner. Tracy is a life coach for stepmoms and a parenting strategist for divorced dads, helping them steer their way through custody conflict and parental alienation. She’s the host of the Essential Stepmom podcast and a mentor to over 1200 members of the Spectacular Stepmom Facebook Community. Her Facebook group for dads is called One For The Dads and she’s also active on the Visible Man Discord server where she participates in discussions with both men and women on the topic of men’s mental health.

Join us this month as we explore

*Ways to be a more effective father despite the mother of your children making it difficult.

*Ways to be a more effective coparent.

*Parenting from a place of Leadership

*Dealing with a high-conflict Ex

*Fighting Through Parental Alienation

*"The Undeletable Dad"


Connect with Tracy Poizner




Email: info@essentialstepmom

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